How to Start a Business

In addition to Courier’s regular magazine, the brand also publishes several in-depth guides each year. Following from my work with the Courier team on The World’s Best Shops, I was commissioned to art direct the 2023 edition of ‘How to Start a Business’.

The 200-page issue is packed with detailed guides and case studies, guiding you through every step of starting a new venture. The brief was to make the content easily digestible and fun.

Laser-cut thumb tabs seperate the five main chapters and allow for quick navigation through the issue, and playful illustrations from Marcos Montiel and Ben Bueno bring the text to life. The graphic language feels like a workbook, with hand-drawn scribbles and underlines appearing throughout.

The guide is on sale now.

category: Magazine design
date: 2022
completed at: Courier
creative direction: Kate McInerney & Charlotte Matters
Illustrations: Marcos Montiel & Ben Bueno
Photography direction: Anna Jay & Sara Taglioretti