I am a graphic designer and photographer based in London. With 12 years of experience as a designer for dn&co, Sennep, and Wallpaper*, I now work independently from my own studio. My expertise is design for the architecture sector but I also work with a range of brands, companies and artists.

Graphic design for architecture

I’ve always been interested in buildings, and since graduating with a degree in Graphic Communication, I’ve been able to forge a career that combines my love of graphic design with architecture. After leaving university in Bath I moved to London and began work as a freelance designer for Jump Studios, before becoming a junior at Wallpaper* magazine. There I honed my craft of editorial design, learning from a fantastic team of designers, writers and photographers, covering all things design and architecture related.

Following from Wallpaper* I spent three years as a digital designer for Sennep, before moving to become a senior designer at dn&co, a studio specialising in culture and place. I spent over six years working on wonderful projects with an incredible range of architects, designers and developers — the highlight being Television Centre in White City.

Now that I work independently I am continuing to refine my specialism in print and editorial design. In addition to this I enjoy branding, designing for the web, and I’m also adept at motion graphics; but for me nothing comes close to the tactile experience of picking up a book or magazine.


I’ve been obsessively taking photos of the built environment since I was a teenager, when I picked up a traditional film SLR for the first time. I was lucky to go to a creative secondary school which allowed me to take both art and photography A-levels, and we even had a dark room where I learnt the craft of developing by hand.

Moving on from school to art foundation and then university, I was introduced to the New Topographics and then the titans of 20th century American colour documentary – William Eggleston and Stephen Shore. Inspired by the greats, my own photographic practice is centred around the man-altered landscape – capturing the everyday, the mundane and banal, examining the traces left behind by people in an urban context. I love nothing more than exploring a new city with a camera in my hand, uncovering and understanding the place through its architecture.

All services

I can help you with:

Book design
Brand identity
Design & art direction
Editorial consultation
Motion graphics
Plans and maps
Technical illustrations
Website design


Senior Designer

Digital Designer


Bath School of Art & Design
First class honours
BA Graphic Communication

Selected clients and partners

Both during my time at dn&co, and independently, I have worked with some of the most talented minds in the architecture sector and some of the UK’s most influential developers. If you’d like to work together, drop me a line.