Where The Flow Ends

Where The Flow Ends was a group photography exhibition by Mass Collective. The work on display explored the River Severn, the longest river in the UK and one of its most polluted.

Mass is a collective of photographers interested in exploring the ways in which humans modify and intervene in the urban and natural landscape.

The project can be seen as a photographic journey through a place where the river and the sea meet; where raw and processed water flow against oneĀ another. Reflecting this idea, the graphic identity that I designed for the show played on the theme of contrast, using a stark palette of blue / red, and sans-serif / serif typography.

The exhibition took place in June 2024 at 215 Mare Street. The space is on the ground floor of the co-working studio that I share with Mass, which is part of Morris+Company architects.

The project was a great collaboration across disciplines. The exhibition structure was designed and fabricated by HereWeAre Studio, another practice that we share the space with.

category: Exhibition design
date: 2024
client: Mass Collective