Television Centre Penthouses

At the very highest end of the Television Centre redevelopment are 3 unique penthouses, each designed by a different British architect – AHMM, Haptic and Archer Humprhyes. Working with Stanhope, I designed these luxurious books, one for each penthouse, celebrating both the interior design and the inspiration behind them.

The apartments themselves were visualised by V1, and in addition to this we worked with Catherine Hyland to document the places that informed each architect’s thinking. This resulted in some stunning shoots from all over the world, including the Barcelona Pavilion, Eltham Palace and a travertine quarry in Italy.

The hero material for each apartment was celebrated as the cover, printed as highly tactile dust jackets.

category: Brochure design
date: 2019
completed at: DNCO
client: Stanhope
creative direction: Patrick Eley
Printed by: Push