Kings Walk

Kings Walk is a shopping arcade in the centre of Winchester, built in the 1970s. In 2022 Studio Multi were commissioned to reinvigorate the area, and alongside a small team of architects, lighting designers and landscapers, I was tasked with creating a new identity and environmental graphics for the scheme.

The retail spaces are well suited to crafters and makers, and accordingly the brief was to re-imagine Kings Walk as a destination for young, creative businesses. I proposed a bold, typographic identity full of idiosyncrasies and unusual details.

The distinctive ‘S’ became a signature motif for the development, blown up to huge sizes and painted on the brick walls in grey and white, and on the floor in vibrant orange.

Building from the logo, I created a bespoke typeface for the project, which was expertly drawn and engineered by Jack Niblett and Louis Hunt. This was used throughout the arcade as both supergraphics and functional signage.

‘Alfred’ has three cuts in varying degrees of quirkiness. It is named after the 9th century king of the Saxons, who is buried in Winchester.

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category: Environmental graphics
date: 2022–23
client: Winchester City Council
creative direction: Studio Multi
Photography: Andy Stagg
Typeface engineering: Jack Niblett and Louis Hunt